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Company Overview

Arbor Networks, Inc. helps secure the world’s largest enterprise and service provider networks from DDoS attacks and advanced threats. Arbor is the world’s leading provider of DDoS protection in the enterprise, carrier and mobile market segments, according to Infonetics Research. Arbor’s advanced threat solutions deliver comprehensive network visibility through a combination of packet capture and NetFlow technology, enabling the rapid detection and mitigation of malware and malicious insiders. Arbor also delivers market-leading analytics for dynamic incident response, historical analysis, visualization and forensics. Arbor strives to be a “force multiplier,” making network and security teams the experts. The goal is to provide a richer picture into networks and more security context – so customers can solve problems faster and help reduce the risk to their business.

A global leader in network security

Headquartered in the United States, Arbor was created in 2000, and was founded out of groundbreaking research conducted at the University of Michigan.

Arbor has focused exclusively on researching, detecting and mitigating network-based threats. The company is best known for its pervasive footprint in service provider networks. Arbor technology is deployed in 70% of service provider networks globally, including 90% of tier one operators. Arbor technology is also broadly deployed among the largest hosting and cloud providers.

Less well understood is the fact that Arbor has been working with the world’s leading enterprise network operators since 2003, counting more than 150 leading financial services, retail, social media and healthcare brands, as well as universities and government organizations, as customers.

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Product Overview

ATLAS: Global Threat Intelligence for Local Protection

What separates Arbor from other security companies is how we leverage our pervasive service provider footprint to benefit all of our customers. ATLAS® is a collaborative project with nearly 300 service provider customers who have agreed to share anonymous traffic data with up to 80 Tbps.

From this unique vantage point, Arbor’s world-class security research team is ideally positioned to deliver intelligence about DDoS, malware and botnets that threaten Internet infrastructure and network availability. Arbor customers enjoy a considerable competitive advantage by giving them both a micro view of their own network, via product deployments, combined with a macro view of global Internet traffic, via ATLAS. This is a powerful combination of network security intelligence that is unrivaled today.

Comprehensive Network Security & Efficient Network Management

Throughout the interconnected network environment in which service providers, enterprises and government organizations operate, Arbor solutions facilitate comprehensive network protection and streamlined network operations. Our market-leading products deliver network visibility, actionable security intelligence, proven availability protection, and broad-based threat detection and mitigation.


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