Distributing countries: India

Company Overview

BackBox provides a single, centralized location for automated and seamless network operations.
Device Configuration Backup, Automated Recovery and Disaster Recovery Procedures, Dynamic Asset Management, Pre-emptive Health Checks, Configuration Harmonization across all devices and Automated multi-device configuration changes enable organizations to mitigate risk and save time in day-to-day network operations for over 150 Network and Security Vendors.

BackBox – Disaster Recovery for Security and Network Devices Simplified.

  1. Centralized Management Console
  2. Rapid Disaster Recovery for a failed Device
  3. Backup file verification
  4. Disaster Recovery Procedures
  5. Fully automated backup with no scripting required
  6. Side-by-Side Configuration Comparison
  7. Multi-Vendor Support (Over 150 Vendors)
  8. PCI Compliance
  9. Easy deployed in a Virtual Environment
  10. Agent less and Non-Intrusive
  11. Quick addition of new devices and products