Distributing countries: Australia, New Zealand


Company Overview

We are a group of cyber security professionals specializing in network and web technologies and services. With the increased frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks, there is a great need to have advanced solutions and skilled professionals to help organizations overcome the cyber challenges ahead.We delight in creating innovative security products to help organizations deal with these cyber attacks.

We are seen as trusted advisors as our consultants come with deep technical knowledge, well-recognized certifications (eg. CCIE, CISSP, GCIH, GWAPT) and provide industry best practices. Our team is also backed by more than 10 years of experience in various multi-million dollar projects in the service provider, government, healthcare, homeland security, defence, manufacturing and financial industries.

The founder himself, Matthias Chin, has been working in the networking and cyber security industry for more than 15 years with stints in Pacific Internet, Singapore Computer Systems (acquired by NCS), ST Electronics and Cisco Systems. Matthias holds an Executive MBA and is a certified CCIE, CISSP and GCIH.

Product Overview

WebOrion™ Defacement Monitor
This service has many advanced and patent pending features to provide the most powerful and granular options for dynamic websites. There is no software or hardware installation and all that is required is the URL of your website and the contact personnel.

In our Saas edition, the subscriber first needs to login to the Self Service Portal to configure your URLs to be monitored. This includes going through an intelligent baselining process to determine the right parameters and thresholds to be set for href links, javascripts, cascading style sheets, iFrames, etc. Alternatively, you can also choose to use our patent pending image analytics engine to graphically select sub-regions of your website to be monitored. Once the baseline is confirmed, the information will be stored in our database for future reference.

Our WebOrion Defacement Monitor(WM) system will then remotely poll the monitored URL at a regular polling interval. Our system simulates a client browser accessing your company’s webpage via HTTP or HTTPS. We will download the HTML contents of your public URL into our WM system for detailed content analysis. Upon detection of any unauthorized changes to the URL, our WM system will automatically send an email or SMS alert to your specified contact personnel.

WebOrion™ Restorer
Swift Restoration of Defaced Website
When an unwanted defacement event happens to your website, do you have an easy solution to restore it back to normal? Are you restoring the same security vulnerabilities back? WebOrion™ Restorer allows you to swiftly restore your web presence using a Secure Replica while you work backend to investigate – all done in a straightforward and effortless way.

3 Key Features:

  • Easy and automated restoration
  • Reduced reliance on platform and architecture
  • Intelligently creates Secure Replica

How WebOrion can benefit you:

  • Zero server footprint
  • Gain more control
  • Manage your replicas easily