Distributing countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, India


Company Overview

Skybox Security is the leader in proactive security risk management solutions, providing automated, non-intrusive tools that detect, prioritize, and drive remediation of critical risks such as exposed vulnerabilities and firewall configuration errors. Skybox solutions allows you to Gain visibility – Model complex network security challenges, Find risks – Detect misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in minutes, Focus effectively – Prioritize critical issues for immediate attention, Show results – Measure, track, and report results of security activities.
Skybox Solutions provides Daily, Non-Intrusive Proactive Security For Complex Networks

  • Non-intrusive modeling and simulation deliver daily security assessments without network disruptions
  • Comprehensive security analytics provide accurate answers to challenging security questions
  • Enterprise class performance and scalability supports daily use in complex and large-scale networks
  • Extensive out-of-the-box integration delivers consistent feature set for any environment

Skybox Security Established in 2002 and headquartered in San Jose, CA, Skybox Security is a privately held company with worldwide sales and support teams that serve an international customer base of Global 2000 enterprises and large government agencies. Skybox Security solutions are used in the most demanding network environments in the world – including medium to large organizations in Financial Services, Telecommunications, Retail, Government, Energy and Utilities, and Defense. Network security and operations teams rely on Skybox Security solutions to prevent cyber threats, reduce risk exposure and demonstrate network compliance with regulations.

Product Overview

Skybox Security’s automated security risk and compliance management solutions help IT organizations pinpoint and prioritize security risks, compliance and availability exposures within minutes. These solutions automatically collect and analyze comprehensive data about network topology and systems, configuration settings, threats and vulnerabilities – anticipating the most urgent IT concerns before harm has been done.

Firewall Assurance

The fastest way to find security gaps in your first line of network defense
•  Delivers consistent PCI compliance audits with results in minutes
•  Automates rule and configuration checks
•  Optimize the change workflow process with the optional Skybox Change Manager


Network Assurance

Delivers unparalleled visibility and intelligence of network topology, device configurations, and access policy compliance
•  Network map enables visibility into network topology and access routes
•  Identifies root causes of outages — and troubleshoot connectivity paths in seconds


Risk Control

The first integrated vulnerability management solution that combines the capabilities to discover vulnerabilities, prioritize risks automatically, and drive remediation activities
•  Finds the most critical 1%-2% of IT risks and provides remediation alternatives
•  Simulates attacks to identify and avoid potential cyber threats
•  Manages threat remediation and workflow with the optional Skybox Threat Manager


Threat Manager

•  Assess threats across the entire organization
•  Manage threats correctly with integrated remediation workflow and ticketing
•  Dramatically reduces man-hours spent manually prioritizing critical threats