Sumo Logic

Distributing countries: Australia, New Zealand


Company Overview

Sumo Logic immediately transforms Big Data logs into new sources of operations, security and compliance intelligence.
Starting with log data, the single-largest enterprise data set, Sumo Logic Log Management and Analytics Service helps customers achieve unprecedented operational efficiencies, a stronger security posture and more streamlined compliance with regulatory mandates by providing real-time actionable insights from raw machine data.

Sumo Logic enables IT operations teams to perform rapid root cause analysis of critical IT infrastructure; Dev Ops teams to quickly analyze and troubleshoot production application issues; and IT Security teams to uncover security incidents buried in terabytes of log data.

Sumo’s cloud based log management solution processes production application logs and server log data, analyzes them in real-time and delivers actionable results at a fraction of the cost of on-premise solution. Sumo is working with customers such as Billabong, Tobi, Microsoft, Netflix, Scripps Networks, Zillow, HTC, WildTangent, Autodesk, Webjet, iCar, and Spark Ventures (Australia, Malaysia and New-Zealand based).


Product Overview

  • Elastic Log Processing (Patent Pending) – Sumo Logic’s highly scalable indexing engine gives you ability to immediately burst capacity and grow without adding hardware or software. We guaranteed search performance, independent of data volume sent.
  • Streaming Dashboards – Our unique stream engine architecture continuously analyzes and visualizes events prior to indexing to enable near-zero latency. Streaming dashboards eliminates constant re-querying of the same data to enable real-time decision making.
  • TCO – With Sumo Logic, customers will have a full blown log management solution that monitors every level of your multi-tiered system without expensive license fees. Sumo’s service allows customers to only pay for what they use with flexibility to account for seasonality and data spikes. (We bill on a daily average instead of billing you for a high watermark like Splunk).
  • Log Reduce (Patent Pending) – Our advanced machine learning technology called LogReduce, summarizes 100,000’s of log lines into one digestible page that make it possible for Support teams to pinpoint and remediate problems in real time. Sumo takes root-cause analysis one step further, by automatically identifying application baseline patterns, to enable anomaly detection and report security pain points as they happen across your environment over time.
  • Enterprise Class SaaS – Automated, easy and rapid development and deployment process across all of your environments and multi-tiered systems with instant analytics and granular management under a shared unified view. Consolidated single point of access, agnostic of whether hosted environment is in AWS or a private data center. Hosted in various geographic locations including Asia Pacific.